Are you ready to

Holistically heal and restore

your entire being from the inside out?

ReConnect is an integrative wellness center –

where mind, body, and soul

heal together.

Are you ready to unpack the challenges in your life so that you can get to

holistic solutions

that will make you thrive?

ReConnect is a

holistic healing center

– a place to take care of your whole being.

What is ReConnect?

Located in Austin, Texas, ReConnect is an integrative wellness center that focuses deeply on all the dimensions of YOU. Our services stem from mental health and range from specialized yoga to functional nutrition. Our approach is holistic in pursuit of YOUR overall wellbeing and happiness. Our practitioners work collaboratively to create individualized wellness plans and support you as you go through your healing process.

How Does ReConnect Work?

We’ve gathered a team of dedicated professionals from complementary wellness vocations. All are on the same mission to provide integrative and holistic healing that has a profound effect on those who we help. Our services are specialized and personalized to YOUR needs and are provided through in-person or online private sessions for individuals, couples, families, and very small groups.

Our center in Austin, Texas, offers a calming, serene, and peaceful atmosphere, which works to reflect and bring forth these same qualities within. All our practitioners work under the same roof, providing a one-stop shop for all wellness needs. We are constantly collaborating and thinking of new ways that we can better serve YOUR needs, creating new holistic services, and working to integrate our wellness disciplines even better to enhance your healing process further.

Our Services

Our Space

You won’t find our center in an office building or a commercial development – we opted for a cozy home that we refurbished to reflect the inner tranquility that we wish for each of our clients to feel. We’re firm believers that the environment you’re surrounded by can influence how we feel internally, so we’ve made it our priority to make it feel as if you’re walking into the most inviting and warm space, because this is where the very best healing can occur.

Our center is located in West Oak Hill, a quiet neighborhood in Southwest Austin, Texas, surrounded by nature and away from the busy Austin traffic. We have four private session rooms, a yoga room, a classroom, a large covered outdoor deck, and plenty of outdoor space for open-air therapy activities. Our space is also available for rent for wellness events, small classes or workshops, and professional meetings.

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