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Acupuncture is an age-old holistic practice that dates back at least 3000 years and is part of what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a complex system of medicine that is based on the flow of Qi (pronounced “Chee”) in the body. Qi is the life energy that flows through the body in channels known as meridians that connect all major organs. Disharmony arises when the cyclical flow of Qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced or is blocked, resulting in an imbalance or disease. Chinese medicine focuses on healing the root causes of an imbalance or disease.

What is Acupuncture Good For?

Acupuncture can be used to treat and ease various health concerns, as well as to maintain optimal physical and mental health. The placement of the needles activates a nervous system response to lead the body toward its natural state of homeostasis. We primarily focus on treating the following concerns:

• Acute and Chronic Pain
• Mental Health (Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction)
• Sleep Issues
• Allergies
• Hormonal Imbalances

When Should I See an Acupuncturist?

Acupuncture can provide value to anyone even if you’re not experiencing health issues. This is because acupuncture helps regulate the nervous system, which makes acupuncture a highly relaxing and stress-relieving practice.

If you are experiencing health concerns, such as headaches, acute and chronic pain, stress, insomnia, allergies, or digestive issues, but haven’t yet tried acupuncture, you should certainly give acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine a chance. For thousands of years, people all over the world have experienced major relief from this system of medicine.

In-Person Acupuncture Treatment in Austin

Here at our relaxing and tranquil ReConnect center in Austin, Texas, we offer remarkable acupuncture treatments with our experienced acupuncturist, Dr. Taryn Altendorfer, who holds a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Taryn will walk you through every step and answer any questions you may have, especially if you have never received an acupuncture treatment before. Our center has been thoughtfully designed to instill utter peace to ensure full comfort during each of your appointments.

What is an Appointment Like?

When you see us for your first acupuncture appointment, we will spend about 90 minutes together to go over your specific health background and discuss your health and wellness goals. A specialized treatment plan will be devised for you, which may include the following treatments:

  • Acupuncture: the practice of inserting sterilized, stainless-steel needles (that are as fine as a human hair) into the body at specific points to relieve pain or treat an imbalance or disease.
  • Cupping: therapy that applies cups to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy. Cupping can relieve pain and treat imbalances in the body.
  • Acupressure: the practice of using pressure or trigger-point massage on specific points on the body, instead of needles. The use of acupressure seeds or magnets can also be used.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine: consultation in the use of herbs (mostly plant-based) in combinations to treat acute or chronic conditions. Herbal formulas can be taken as capsules, tablets, tinctures, powders that are made into teas, or they can be decocted from the raw herb.

Some of these treatments will be provided during your first appointment, depending on your individualized treatment plan. Subsequent follow-up treatment sessions are about 60 minutes in length. Multi-session packages are available at a discount to established clients.

How Can I Schedule an Appointment ?

To book an acupuncture appointment with us and start your journey to mind and body wellness, all you need to do is click on the “Book an Appointment” button below.
If you would like to know more about ReConnect’s Acupuncture Services and get a better sense of what you can expect, please book a 20 minute online complimentary initial consultation. Simply click the “Book Free Consultation” button below.

We’re devoted to providing top quality holistic treatments to our Austin community, and we’re confident that you’ll find an incomparable sense of inner harmony after experiencing the therapeutic services we offer at ReConnect

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