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We created our ReConnect center for you to feel peace and serenity as you walk in and spend time with us. We purposefully stayed away from busy and impersonal commercial areas. Our space is situated in a quaint home that has been configured to mirror the relaxation that we want everyone that visits to feel within. Our surroundings affect how we feel on the inside more than we often realize, and the healing services we provide can be more effective when our minds and bodies can unwind and get away from our daily busy lives.

You can find ReConnect in a neighborhood in Southwest Austin, Texas, where the environment is significantly quieter and much less busy than the bustling city. We have ample space at our center to accommodate the various services we offer, with 6 different rooms and a beautiful covered outdoor deck that can be utilized for multiple therapeutic activities. We also have a pool and plan to offer hydrotherapy services in the near future.

If you’re interested in renting out our space for your next workshop, wellness class, professional meeting, or corporate event, feel free to reach out to us! ReConnect is the optimal space for different events and classes and we love and appreciate when others can experience the healing properties our center offers, as well.

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