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Integrative Programs and Workshops for Holistic Wellness

At ReConnect, we offer programs, workshops, and classes that integrate our multiple disciplines to provide you with knowledge and tools to reach your wellness goals quickly and more effectively.Normally several weeks in duration, these programs, workshops, and classes may be online / self-paced or in-person at our Center in Austin, TX.
Some of the programs, workshops, and classes that we are working on and will be offering very soon include:

  • Divorce Recovery – Moving On: online program to help you recover from divorce or separation. Moving On is designed to assist you in overcoming the stress and pain of a broken relationship through our interactive videos, interactive exercises, professional support and an online community.
  • Mindful Self-Compassion: based on the work of Kristen Neff and JimpaTupman, this 8-week program will guide you through relating with yourself in a compassionate way. Find tools, experience a healing community, and learn how you can develop self-compassion.
  • Ayurveda for Mental Health: courses designed to teach the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how to use this knowledge in your daily life and support your mental health. The content includes Theory Tridosha, Prakriti (Ayurvedic constitution) and Vikriti (imbalances), 5 elements of Ayurveda (Agni, Ama, Dhatus, Malas, and Ojas), Ayurvedic diet principles, and Ayurvedic therapies to do at home.
  • Yoga for Grief: in-person classes designed to help you moveinto your bodies in a compassionate way and begin to experience your grief in a way that is self-supportive and nurturing.
  • TeensReConnect: Rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse has increased within the teen community. Teen ReConnect isa safe place where teens can get together in a safe and healing environment to connect. They will have workshops with different topics such as cooking and nutrition, art for anxiety reduction, movement, and calmness, breathing and sound.
  • Singles ReConnect: Being single can be challenging as there are few safe places to meet others without the overt intention of dating. Singles ReConnect offers the opportunity for singles to connect as they grow internally through different workshops that will promote connection in a safe environment. This is a place where people can meet like-minded others that value mental health and personal growth.
  • Women ReConnect: This is a space for women to get together and connect in a safe space. Topics include connecting with the feminine power, creating a space of sisterhood, relating with our bodies in a different way, nutrition/stress/sleep, saying no and setting boundaries. Meet once a month with a group of likeminded women that, like you, want to learn to love them elves more and experience life fully.

Please check this page regularly for upcoming events or Contact Us below to learn more about ReConnect’sprograms, workshops, and classes for Holistic Wellness.

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