Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®)

What is TRE®


When we enter a state of high alert, our body experiences stress. When we are unable to release this tension and return to our natural baseline state of calm, chronic issues can arise, which prevent us from feeling and doing our best. Created by David Berceli, Ph.D., “TRE” stands for Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises. TRE® consists of a series of movements designed to activate a natural-born, Nervous System tremor mechanism (neurogenic tremors), releasing excess tension, tightness and stress. Often stored in deep, multiple layers, TRE® releases this build-up gradually and cumulatively, making this modality a very effective self-care tool.

How can TRE® help?

TRE® is a highly beneficial, body-focused practice that activates a natural, nervous system shaking and trembling mechanism. The tremoring releases tension, trauma-induced stress, and deep muscular holding patterns. TRE® can benefit people with a variety of traumatic experiences which can be occupational or lifestyle related (emotional or physical trauma survivors, front liners, caretakers, etc.) TRE® is a simple, accessible self-care practice to release an overcharged nervous system and restore a sense of calm, balance and wholeness.

When we act, listen and give from this place of natural balance, this DNA-encoded self-care response can therefore also help integrate, embody and allow a full-circle completion to all previous and current healing work done in the mental, spiritual and emotional human experience.

TRE® benefits can include:

  • Tension and Stress Relief
  • Reduce PTSD Symptoms
  • Release Holding Patterns
  • Reduce Distractibility
  • Ability to Relax Easily
  • Improve Quality of Sleep
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Greater Emotional Balance

Why practice TRE®?

By having a regular TRE® practice you can begin to notice and enjoy some (or all!) of the following:


Establish a Self-Care Practice

TRE® is designed to become a self-sourced tool for regulating your Nervous System as needed.

Flexibility and Openness
By releasing layers of tightly held muscle contractions you become more open and flexible in your body and mind.

 Adaptability and Resilience
When you remain in a natural baseline state of calm, you are better able to respond beneficially to life events and bounce back easily.

By coming out of a rigid state of self-protection (or fight or flight mode), we can more easily connect with ourselves, loved ones and nature and enjoy our relationships.

 Self-Awareness and Intuition
With TRE® we return to safety and familiarity with our own body and learn to understand and meet our needs better.


Getting out of our comfort zone is where we can grow. Let it be fun!

What does a TRE® session look like?

Your TRE® session begins with six standing exercises, followed by two more exercises laying on a yoga mat. All of these exercises are adaptable to current physical injuries or different abilities. These exercises typically activate the tremoring mechanism. Once your body starts tremoring, you will stay on the mat for the remainder of the session. 

Due to individual levels of stress and tension, each session will look different each time. Your provider will adapt the session accordingly. Once your tremoring has ended, you will be provided with some resting time for integration.

To conclude your session, a reflective conversation of your personal experience and next steps will be shared. 

TRE® is a self-care tool. You will initially co-regulate with your TRE® Provider for a few sessions while you learn the modality. Eventually and at your own pace, you will be able to practice TRE® self-guided, and self-regulate as needed.

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TRE® can be both practiced individually and in a small group setting. For anyone new to TRE®, an individual INITIAL SESSION is required, prior to participating in an individual REGULAR SESSION  or GROUP SESSION.

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