Watsu Hydrotherapy

What is Watsu Hydrotherapy?

Watsu combines Water and Massage creating a profound Mind/Body Aquatic Therapeutic experience. Watsu combines elements of Zen Shiatsu massage, muscle stretching, and joint movements within a warm aquatic environment inducing a profound state of relaxation and a deep meditative state, making Watsu massage much more than bodywork.

How Can Watsu Hydrotherapy Help You?

Watsu can help treat conditions such as:

> Physical
– Injury to the spinal cord or brain through trauma, stroke, or a degenerative condition such as Parkinson’s Disease.
– Arthritis,
– Back and neck pain,
– Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain states
– Patients who have undergone surgery and have subsequently developed post-operative pain or limited range of motion

> Emotional
– Anxiety
– Post-traumatic stress disorder. (PTSD)
– Stress
– Insomnia

> Other Benefits of Watsu Hydrotherapy
– Improves digestion
– Enhances immune system response
– Encourages detoxification
– Improve healing, promote body and soul balance
– Releases blockages along meridians
– Opens chi (Qi) energy pathways
– Increases body energy

Watsu is for anyone, adults and children, with any of the conditions mentioned above who wish to experience a profound state of relaxation, peace and joy.

What Does a Watsu Hydrotherapy Session Look Like?

Your Watsu Hydrotherapy session begins in the warm water where you and your therapist stand facing each other. The therapist then might bring attention to your breathing and start the process of relaxation, while supporting with the back of her forearm.
The therapist then begins a series of movements, massage, and stretches. These movements are slow and use the water resistance, creating a floating experience. You float with their eyes closed and start to enter a deep state of relaxation. Slowly, you begin to move awareness inside, becoming more aware of your inner experience, body sensations, thoughts, emotions. Usually towards the second half of the session, you experience a sense of spaciousness. This experience can last several days after the session. For many, this is a profound transformative experience.
Not all sessions are the same; they vary according to the needs of each individual at a determined time. Usually, sessions last an hour, but they can be longer or shorter depending on your particular needs.

How You Can Book a Watsu Hydrotherapy Session?

We offer private Watsu Hydrotherapy sessions for individuals and couples. Occasionally we offer small group or family session (maximum of six participants). Individuals can add a table massage after the Watsu session for a deeper experience of relaxation. All sessions take place at our ReConnect center in Austin, TX – a space to come for healing, discovery, and increased physical and inner balance. Simply press the appropriate button below to book your next Watsu session.

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