Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing, along with Conscious Breathwork, is a guided journey that enables you to explore within, transcend your ego, open your heart, and safely alter your state of consciousness for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

How Can Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing Help You?

By manipulating the breath through this technique, you can access a multitude of physiological and psychological benefits. It is an amazing boost to your immune system because the technique activates the vagus nerve, which turns on your parasympathetic system, your rest, restore and regeneration system. During our sessions you will be in this physical state, and you will feel an amazing sense of peace during and afterwards.

With regular practice you will become able to forgive, let go of resentments, cultivate self-love, and release energy blockages from the body. We all have stuck energy within us in the form of suppressed emotions that cause so much of our emotional and physical suffering. This breathwork reduces stress in the body, helps with anxiety, depression, and trauma healing. You will also see your sleep improve and you’ll experience an increase in your energy and improvement in your total wellbeing.

Breathwork is the fastest way to get out of your head and connect to both your body and your intuition. For many people, it facilitates an emotional purging, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer. In essence, you are relearning to inhabit your body, establish new pathways in the brain and cultivate emotional and relational intelligence.

What does a Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing Session Look Like?

A Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing session is a 2-hour session with a short meditation, 45 minutes of breathwork, 30 minutes of sound therapy and a sharing circle at the end. A shorter 1-hour Meditation & Sounding Healing session is also offered that excludes the breathwork exercises.
At a bare minimum, you will have a super charged meditation that provides great clarity, stress relief and a big boost to your immune system. On the other side of the spectrum, there are an infinite number of possibilities including a sense of oneness, emotional release, trauma healing, bliss, transformation, visions, and much more.

How You Can Book a Sound Healing Session

We offer Sound Healing services in a public small group setting as well as private sessions for groups, families, couples, or individuals (maximum of six participants). All sessions are in-person at our ReConnect center in Austin, TX – a space to come for healing, discovery, and increased physical and inner balance. Simply press the appropriate button below to start your Sound Healing journey.

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